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An unconventional holiday... during your stay at Macinella, you will have all the time in the world to slow down from the usual frenetic pace of life and immerse yourself completely into the ambience that surrounds us, enjoying the warm hospitality and the rare beauty that this corner of Tuscan has to offer. Walks and hikes (guided if you wish), horse rides, visits to our synergetic vegetable garden, art courses, a trip to the antique Colombaio Tower (where time seems to have stood still), and moments passed on our delightful treetop terrace purposely made to enjoy the stunning and unique view of the towers of San Gimignano... these are some of the places where you will always find not just something to do but something that will also satisfy your curiosity and need for relaxation, beauty, and nature.

Swimming pool

If you enjoy a drink poolside with your special someone while you take in the sensual Tuscan hills, perhaps struck by the reds of the sunset, then Macinella is the right place for you. The pool is six meters by 12 meters long and is 1.5 to 2.3 meters deep, and thanks to its particular position it affords incredible views of a pristine and serene area, perfect for reading a book and having a drink under a sun umbrella while soaking in the sun while you enjoy your well deserved relaxation. The pool at Macinella is open from the 1st of May to the 30th of September every year.


In order toensure an unforgettable vacation, besides the usual holiday activitieswe decided to create cultural experiences at Macinella. We have set space aside for both qualified instructors who need it to offer their private courses to our guests and for our guests that want to enrich their stay by following the ongoing activities such as medicinal herb gardening and preparation, painting, singing, dance, yoga, culinary lessons, etc. If you are interested all you need to do is contact us to receive further information.

Hot air balloon ride

What better way to enjoy the Tuscan countryside and be enchanted by its views, colors, and the sensations of such a beautiful place? At Macinella it is possible to reserve a hot air balloon ride and take panoramic trips throughout some of the most stunning locations of Florentine Chianti, of the Sienese area, the Val d'orcin, and of the Etruscan Volterran area. The launch base is located in Barberino Val d'Elsa, a few kilometers away, easily reached by car in little time. It is certainly an unforgettable experience that we wholeheartedly endorse!


Not only relaxation! We offer our guests the opportunity to engage in physical activities of all kinds... we have a pitch for football, badminton, or volleyball, an area suited for archery, a table-tennis table, and the possibility to rent bicycles or a scooter for memorable forays into the countryside among the options available. It is also possible to reserve tennis lessons or court time at the well established sporting club in nearby Poggibonsi.

Horseback rides

Guests who stay at Macinella have the option to book adventurous horseback rides, even at night under the moonlight, through the beautiful natural landscape of the surrounding hills, ideal for riders of all levels. The union of rider and horse is the basis for experiencing the thrill of horseback riding though nature that becomes an unforgettable experience. The stables are not far from us and more than happy to address your various needs. Exploring the countryside on a horse is certainly one of the more thrilling experiences one can have. Contact us if you are interested in receiving further information.

Hiking through the vines

For those who love to hike there are four hectares of woods easily explored via two rows of cypress trees that can be reached in a few minutes. Both shorter and longer comfortable hikes are possible where you will be able to rest in numerous cool and shaded areas. A large table in the woods is available for your use as a picnic spot or for restful reading. You are welcome use one of our picnic baskets to carry your food. If you're lucky, you'll encounter squirrels, hares, fawn, and doves in their natural habitat. Finally, the hike we offer our guests through the vineyards, with a guide to tell you all about the area while you're walking, all the way to the famous towers of San Gimignano is beautiful and evocative. Don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

Spa and Wellness

If you would like to spend a day dedicated to the care and regeneration of your body, about 40 minutes away just outside of Rapolano Terme (Siena) are two well-known thermal baths, the 'Terme San Giovanni' and the 'Terme Antica Querciolaia' immersed inthe enchanting 'Crete Senesi'. The area that surrounds them and the pleasant healing waters give you the opportunity to enjoy the beneficial and regenerative heat of the thermal water while soaking in warm pools, healthy baths and curative steams. Both bathhouses offer wellness centers with personalized treatments, restaurants, and gardens with both covered and open-air thermal pools with temperatures ranging from 25°- 26° and 37°- 39° centigrade. Open to all, all day, atreasonable costs. Contact us to learn more.

Historical landmarks and cities of art

Macinella belongs to the descendants of an ancient family that has strong roots in the area. We would love to show you the cities and towns that are rich in masterpieces, history, and traditions, through the eyes of those who live and love these places on an daily basis. We can lead you or point you in the right direction for interesting day trips. We are perfectly located to quickly reach places such as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Pisa, and Lucca as well as landmarks such as theAbbey of SanGalgano and the Abbey of Sant'Antimo, or the medieval towns of Certaldo, Colle Val d'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Castellina in Chianti, Radda and numerous others. And if you areinterestedin shopping, the close and industrious town of Poggibonsi has quite a bit to offer. We can suggest restaurants and other local eateries selected by us and our guests over time, as well as country fairs, events, and markets in the area. Keep in mind that Florence and Siena can be reached forday tripsby train or bus from Poggibonsi. We are available to address any request or need you might have to make your stay pleasant and interesting.

Cooking with the sun

We pay close attention to environmental issues and for this reason we lead a lifestyle that is respectful of our Mother Earth. We try to minimize our environmental impact... thus, if you wish, on sunny days we offer the opportunity to cook with the sun! Two great solar convex mirrors are available to guests who would like to use them. In tune with respecting the environment and the natural lifestyle of Macinella, you'll have the chance to cook any kind of foods you wish in an instructive, environmentally friendly, and healthy way. This is certainly a great experience to have together with your children, friends, and family.

A treetop visit

Enjoying the surrounding view from the top of a great cypress tree will be, for those who desire it, a unique and unforgettable experience! Only in Macinella you will be able to have a magical time dining by candlelight at the top of the majestic tree, in a completely different and singular context. This is a private space, far from the daily routine, available also for unfettered suntanning. At the top of the tree, besides the small settees and a table, there is a convenient sink. We are sure this will be one of the more engaging experiences that you'll pleasantly remember thinking back on your stay at Macinella.

Visiting the tower

The 11th century tower of Macinella is of Longobard origin, and represents an important landmark in the Casaglia area. Completely restructured with great care and surrounded by the cultivation of the precious saffron flower, the Crocus, this tower was contested between the Guelf and Ghibelline political factions of the time and in the Middle Ages Kind Manfredi stayed here with his entire army. The tower still conserves its defensive arrow slits, and its squared block crenelation is testimony not only to its ancient origin but to its connection with the city of San Gimignano as a place for the defense and control of the surrounding lands. Our guests have the great privilege of being able to visit the inside of the tower. Contact us for an appointment or simply to learn more.

The Wine Cellar

Upon request, it is possible to visit the small but charming ancient wine cellar where together with the owners, you will learn about the heritage consisting of the knowledge, stories, and traditions of the surrounding territory by tasting together with them the simple, genuine, and original local products. Eating and drinking are indeed two essential factors in the identity of all peoples, and it is around the table that one fully comprehends the salient characteristics of any area that one wishes to better understand. Come one and all therefore to taste our traditionally produced culinary delicacies: wines, cheeses, and cold cuts.

Artist Workshops

The painter Gloria Forti opens her art studio to those guests who are interested in learning new techniques and admiring her work. In her luminous and well-equipped studio nestled among the green olive groves or en plein air seeking unique views and panoramas that the surrounding countryside provide, she offers painting, sculpture, and drawing courses for groups or individuals. If you would like to simply express your creativity in any artistic field, you'll benefit from her support and advice and will be able to use the materials in her art studio. If you are an art instructor and would like to organize a course with your students, do let us know and we will put you directly in touch with the artist.

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